washing machine tripping power

6 Reasons Your Washing Machine is Tripping Power

If you’ve ever experienced a washing machine tripping power, then you know it can be inconvenient and down right frustrating when trying to do washing. You may wonder why your machine keeps tripping power, and if this could lead to any permanent damage. You may also be wondering why circuits…

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a picture of pva glue

How to Remove PVA Glue from Clothes (Easy)

Nothing takes me back to memories of primary school faster than the smell of PVA glue. It seemed like we used it every other day back then. The other thing I remember is getting a lot more glue on my hands, clothes, and desk than I did on the project…

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jeans drying in winter

4 Best Ways to Dry Clothes in Winter (+ Pros and Cons)

In a rainy country getting your clothes dry can be a challenge all year round. In winter though almost all countries in the western world will find there aren’t many rain-free days for outside drying. As it’s doubtful you’d have enough clothes not to need to wash them at all…

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A spin dryer with clothes hanging out

3 Best Spin Dryers for Quick and Easy Drying (2022)

If you’re like me and live in a relatively small house, a spin dryer could be just the thing to help dry your clothes faster. I’ve had a few spin dryers in the past, some have been good and some bad, so I have a fair bit of experience in…

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curry stain removal

How to Remove Curry Stains from Clothes [3 Methods]

We all know the feeling, you’re at your favourite Indian restaurant enjoying a curry with your mates when suddenly the world turns to slow motion. You see the drip forming on the edge of your spoon. Before you can do anything it rolls over the edge heading towards your favourite…

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