3 Best Spin Dryers for Quick and Easy Drying (2022)

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Last updated: January 26, 2022 at 12:17 pm

If you’re like me and live in a relatively small house, a spin dryer could be just the thing to help dry your clothes faster. I’ve had a few spin dryers in the past, some have been good and some bad, so I have a fair bit of experience in what to look for. Moreover, spin dryers are especially handy if you live in alternative accommodation like a rented room, caravan or even a boat.

As the name suggests, a spin dryer essentially spins your clothes really fast, forcing water out either with gravity or a pump. First of all, it’s important to learn which features to look for in a good spin dryer before making a decision, so I’ll go into more detail about those below.

Important Features of a Spin Dryer

As with buying anything for a decent amount of money, it’s important to do your research. Here are my main key features to look for in a typical spin dryer.

Capacity / Load size – Spin dryers generally have a smaller capacity than traditional tumble dryers. As such they are more suited to smaller loads. Pay attention to what Kg the spin dryer is to make sure it accommodates your usually wash load. However the flip side to capacity limit is they’re smaller and top loaded, saving spacer in small areas.

Cost of running – As the cost of living is constantly on the rise, your electricity bill is important to keep costs down. Running various appliances will have different costs, so knowing the energy rating of a spin dryer is important. I remember I used a portable radiator for a few weeks when I was in university. My electricity bill was astronomical, so pay attention to the wattage. It’s not always about price, running costs are important as well.

Price – Following on from running costs, the price is a major factor for a lot of people, if not the main deciding factor. It’s a balance between buying a solid and reliable dryer, but also getting a good deal.

Type of water removal – With spin dryers there are two types of water removal, gravity and pump. Gravity is obviously water running out itself help by the spin speed or a pump can be used to help with water removal. Pump versions are usually a little noisier and sometimes more expensive, but does make water removal more efficient.

Noise level – Spin dryers tend to be noisy as they spin at a very high speed to remove water from your clothes. As such, noise is important as you don’t want it to be overly noisy, especially if you live in a smaller space.

Best UK Spin Dryers in 2020 (Quick View)

Here’s a review summary if you’re short on time. Click on each to jump to the full review of each spin dryer for 2020.

RankBrand & ModelOur Rating
#1Thomas – Gravity Drain Spin Dryer 2800SD5/5
#2oneConcept – Top Spin Family Spin Dryer4/5
#3Thomas – 776 Sek Spin Dryer3.5/5

Top 3 Spin Dryers Reviews (Full Reviews)

1. Thomas Gravity Drain Spin Dryer 2800SD – Our #1 Pick

Thomas gravity spin dryer

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Capacity: 4.5 kg
Size: 35 x 35 x 66 cm
Gravity or pump: Gravity
Time: <3 minutes

Taking the top spot in style, and relatively comfortably is the Thomas 2800SD. This spin dryer is really everything you’d need. At 13 kg weight it isn’t the lightest on our list, but light enough to be able to move it yourself. The dimensions are great, and should be small enough to fit anywhere you need it to.

A fantastic capacity of 4.5 kg allows full washes, so you shouldn’t need to separate loads. A max spin speed of 2800SD removes excess water from clothes as good as you can hope for.

The 2800SD is kind to your energy bill as it only uses 30 watts of energy per cycle, so it’s highly effective in motor homes or caravans. Even more so when combined with a noise level of 67dB.

In summary, the 2800SD is a deserved #1 so if you’re looking for a small, high capacity spin dryer, we fully recommend of 2800SD.


  • Large capacity
  • Quiet at 67dB
  • Small dimensions for easy storage and transportation
  • UK 1 year guarantee
  • 2800 rpm spin speed (max)


  • Heavier than expected

2. oneConcept Top Spin Family Spin Dryer – Our #2 Pick

oneconcept family spin dryer

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Capacity: 3.8 kg
Size: 83 x 45 x 44.6 cm
Gravity or pump: Gravity
Time: 2-4 minutes

Coming in number two in our top 5 spin dryer list is the oneConcept Family. Weighing a decent 9.2 kg it’s easily transported wherever you go. Adding to that the dimensions of 83cm x 45cm x 44.6cm it’s small enough to easily fit in most places.

The Family holds 3.8kg of washing, so make sure your load sizes aren’t too big for this one. This capacity is about medium for a spin dryer.

However, other positives include a timer between 1 to 5 minutes with a “normal” spin time between 2 to 4 minutes. This gives you control over how long you’d like to pre-dry your load, but also allows energy savings by not having it on too long. Furthermore, a small 45 watt power outlet, the Family certainly won’t waste energy.

The spin of the oneConcept Family forces water out through it’s hose, and can be collected using your desired basin.

Overall, the oneConcept is a great little appliance to pre-dry your clothes in a quick and energy efficient way.


  • Energy efficient
  • Good dimensions and weight for portability
  • Handy timer function
  • Relatively quiet


  • Medium load size

3. Thomas 776 Sek Spin Dryer

Thomas 776 SEK spin dryer

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Capacity: 4.5 kg
Size: 35 x 35 x 66 cm
Gravity or pump: Gravity
Time: <3 minutes

A solid built unit, the Centri 776 comes in at #3 on our list, and offers a suitable and robust spin dryer solution.

A quiet spinner with fast spin speed to remove excess water, it allows enough room for a bucket/basin to be easily placed underneath.


  • Robust and solid
  • Stable when spinning
  • Quiet


  • Expensive
  • 2 pin plug, although comes with UK adapter

Conclusion: A Spin Dryer to Handle Everything

After testing the best spin dryers money can buy, we have to go with the Thomas Gravity 2800SD for the best spin dryer in 2020.

Offering an impressive 2800 rpm which is probably the best you’ll find… we can’t find much wrong. From the weight, dimensions, stability and price, the 2800SD leaps ahead of the competition.

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